About WagALot Pet Shop

Hello! My name is Kate and I am an 22 year old blind entrepreneur. I absolutely adore dogs, photography, running, and of course sewing. WagALot is a dream come true for me, and here is how it all started...

Freshman year of high school, I had a dream to make pet accessories. Discovering business owners producing and selling dog accessories on Etsy is what sparked my dream. I spent hours scrolling through their pages. Their creativity impressed me and I loved the idea of creating accessories for dogs. Not to mention, around this time I got Brandy, my black lab who inspired me to start a business. However, I suffer from a vision impairment, due to Optic Nerve Hypoplasia. I am legally blind and I was not sure I could sew. 

That first year I began to research product designs and sewing techniques on the internet. Through many hours of research, practice, and perseverance my sewing skills improved and I began making bandanas for Brandy. I enjoyed developing the designs and loved seeing Brandy wear my creations. Friends and family began asking me to make items for their dogs, and then word and product requests spread to their friends as well. On February 7, 2016, I opened WagALot on Etsy.

My goal with WagALot is to make every order perfect and to please each and every customer. I do my best to create the best accessories while juggling school, extracurricular activities, homework, and spending time with my family, friends, and dogs. Now, running WagALot has been more than what I had ever expected. It is truly my dream job! A few years ago, I would have never thought sewing pet accessories would be more than a hobby. I adore making the products, seeing photos of all the sweet dogs, making new friends, and, well, pretty much everything about owning a business.

Since I started WagALot, I have lost more vision and acquired multiple chronic illnesses which has affected my work. I am slowly adapting as my health progresses and am learning how to manage WagALot with my new limits. One of my biggest challenges is not measuring my worth based of productivity. Every order placed, your are not only supporting my dream but you are helping me become a better version of myself.

To my future and returning customers, thank you. Thank you so much for all of your support and love, it means more than the world to me!